Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cinefantastique Volume 17 No. 3/4
June 1987 Article

An article on the (at the time) unreleased film from the June '87 issue of Cinefantastique-

Of note here is the description of Kevin's role in the film. Instead of just finding the key, he would have supposedly been He-Man's alter-ego somehow...

Beautiful Skeletor shot from Stout-

A couple of excellent behind the scenes images, and some excellent concept art for Man-At-Arms and Teela-

Lastly, a little, slightly uninformed history of the Filmation series-


Monday, November 23, 2009

The Teela Costume

Another item sold by "The Prop Store Of London"- some great shots of the Teela costume worn by Chelsea Field!

And in case you wanted to know what her bra and socks looked like...


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Possible Movie Screening At Cincinnati-area Theater?

Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area fans- How would you feel about a possible screening of the film? I talked to a friend of mine who manages one of the local showcase theaters about doing a screening of the film. He explained to me that while it's not impossible, the only real way of accomplishing it is to rent the theater for a showing, and then pay the fee for getting the film. The cost for getting an old film is $500, the price of renting a theater is variable depending on time and day. So here's my question... How many local fans would be willing to pay for a ticket (maybe $15 to $20 depending on how many attendees and what the final cost ends up being) and make the trip to Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky (depending on which theater we go with) to see the film on the big screen? Again, this is nothing definitive as of yet. Just gauging interest before I research it more...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Masters Of The Universe Magazine
Spring 1987 "He-Man Movie Update!"

Here's a quick little tidbit from the Spring '87 issue of the "He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe" Magazine-

Just a couple of quick pics from the film. I like the somewhat candid shot of Lubic and the visible costumer's hand in the Evil-Lyn shot...but the best shot of all is the bottom pic of the page. Looks to be a possible deleted Eternia scene from the film, with He-Man helping a perhaps injured Man-At-Arms and Teela standing atop the rocks.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movie Memorabilia:
Sneak Preview Ticket

Oh yeah... one more quick post-

I was watching a couple of MOTU movie related items on ebay last night. One of them I won and will post pics of when it arrives- the other I unfortunately did not win. This sweet little ticket:

An unused premiere ticket to Masters Of the Universe! How cool is that? I figured there couldn't be that many of these floating around, so I popped in a pretty high bid and figured I'd be able to snag it.

I didn't. Closing price: $54.34! Now tell me this movie doesn't have a faithful following when somebody (other than me) is willing to plunk down over $50 for an old ticket to it!

Congrats to the winner. Color me jealous.


The Sword Of Grayskull

Just a quick post today with a couple of really nice pics of the sword prop sold awhile back. This one came from Richard Edlund's personal collection. Cast in aluminum, but still heavy enough that only a "he-man" could weild it properly!

Man how I wish a some company would step up and reproduce this thing...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Upcoming Gary Goddard Q & A!

Hey all! Gary Goddard (MOTU's director) has graciously agreed to do a Q & A for the blog! So send your questions over so I can put together the best selection of topics to discuss with him. You can either post it in the comments here, make a post at the discussions tab on the facebook page, or shoot me an e-mail at Thanks! I'm SUPER excited!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Masters Of The Universe
Official Poster Magazine Article-
The Art Of "Masters Of The Universe"

The "Official Poster Magazine" was about as close as we got to a book on the movie. The middle section contained 2 double-sided posters, but the rest of the magazine featured interviews and stories about the film. I'll scan them up in chunks so you're not overloaded in one post. Today, the "Art Of" article, featuring an interview segment with the great William Stout (production designer for the film)-


Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Cosmic Key Prop

Richard Edlund sold a couple of props from his personal collection awhile ago. Here's some beautiful shots of the cosmic key that some lucky fan picked up. I'm jealous...

The He-Man Costume

A few years back, the Prop Store of London sold one of the He-Man costumes from the film. The costume was missing a few key elements, most noticeably the sword, gun, arm band, and boot dagger (which I actually own...hee hee). These were the pictures posted with the sale which give some really great views of the costume. Somethings that caught me by surprise were the color of the straps, the intricate dragon design on the chest crest, and the fact that his briefs are red and not black. This is why we need a Blu-Ray release of the film ;)

The Masters Of The Universe Movie Blog!

When I started my Masters Of The Universe Classics blog focusing on the current insanely awesome toyline (which you can check out here), I figured I would use that place as an outlet for my love of the entire He-Man franchise. I have done that to some degree, what with the posting of my son's Halloween costume and the story on the previously unseen comic origin of He-Man. But I knew that there was one facet that I would be devoting more posts to than most of the other aspects: The 1987 Masters Of The Universe Movie!

I am a HUGE fan of the film. I loved it as a kid, and I still love it today. I think the film gets treated pretty unfairly by most folks. I'd venture to say that most folks- a.) have not seen the film since the original release and are basing their opinions on the "popular" view, b.) have never seen the film at all and simply like voting with the crowd, or c.) are stupid and don't realize a good film when they see it (like the folks who say Transformers 2 and G.I.Joe were good). The film is an incredibly fun romp, the visuals are amazing (even by today's standards), and the movie features one of the greatest villain portrayals of all time- Frank Langella's Skeletor.

So with this blog I'll be posting anything and everything I come across that relates to the movie: Pictures, stories, articles, thoughts, and (hopefully) interviews. If you don't like the film, this probably isn't a good place for you to spend your time... but if you do, please stop by and check it out!