Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movie Memorabilia:
Sneak Preview Ticket

Oh yeah... one more quick post-

I was watching a couple of MOTU movie related items on ebay last night. One of them I won and will post pics of when it arrives- the other I unfortunately did not win. This sweet little ticket:

An unused premiere ticket to Masters Of the Universe! How cool is that? I figured there couldn't be that many of these floating around, so I popped in a pretty high bid and figured I'd be able to snag it.

I didn't. Closing price: $54.34! Now tell me this movie doesn't have a faithful following when somebody (other than me) is willing to plunk down over $50 for an old ticket to it!

Congrats to the winner. Color me jealous.


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  1. Oh man that is so lost in time! Don't worry if you didn't win it, i'm sure another will follow sooner or later


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