Friday, November 13, 2009

Masters Of The Universe
Official Poster Magazine Article-
The Art Of "Masters Of The Universe"

The "Official Poster Magazine" was about as close as we got to a book on the movie. The middle section contained 2 double-sided posters, but the rest of the magazine featured interviews and stories about the film. I'll scan them up in chunks so you're not overloaded in one post. Today, the "Art Of" article, featuring an interview segment with the great William Stout (production designer for the film)-



  1. James,

    Do you have this item I featured on one of my blogs?

  2. Hey Frederick!

    I just saw this comment (for some reason, I don't get e-mails on comments like I do for "A Piece Of The Action") and no, I do not have that! I'd love to borrow your scans and repost them here if you don't mind? Or if you'd ever want to sell it... ;)


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