Sunday, November 22, 2009

Possible Movie Screening At Cincinnati-area Theater?

Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area fans- How would you feel about a possible screening of the film? I talked to a friend of mine who manages one of the local showcase theaters about doing a screening of the film. He explained to me that while it's not impossible, the only real way of accomplishing it is to rent the theater for a showing, and then pay the fee for getting the film. The cost for getting an old film is $500, the price of renting a theater is variable depending on time and day. So here's my question... How many local fans would be willing to pay for a ticket (maybe $15 to $20 depending on how many attendees and what the final cost ends up being) and make the trip to Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky (depending on which theater we go with) to see the film on the big screen? Again, this is nothing definitive as of yet. Just gauging interest before I research it more...


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