Thursday, November 12, 2009

The He-Man Costume

A few years back, the Prop Store of London sold one of the He-Man costumes from the film. The costume was missing a few key elements, most noticeably the sword, gun, arm band, and boot dagger (which I actually own...hee hee). These were the pictures posted with the sale which give some really great views of the costume. Somethings that caught me by surprise were the color of the straps, the intricate dragon design on the chest crest, and the fact that his briefs are red and not black. This is why we need a Blu-Ray release of the film ;)


  1. it's funny how the mannequin doesn't seem to have enough muscle to fit that properly hehehe

  2. Hi there!
    Great website, really like the stuff you have on here! Two questions:

    1) Do you know somebody who sells a replica of the MOTU-Movie He-Man Sword? I saw various posts on the web with guys building a replica, but most of them a bit outdated.
    2) I guess you are now willing to sell the above He-man costume :-))



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