Thursday, June 15, 2017

Muscle & Fitness Magazine
August 1987 Article

Ever wonder how Dolph got into He-Man shape? Well this article from the August '87 issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine is for you! And sure- The photos from the film included here are great... But the Dolph workout pics are pure win. Enjoy!

 photo motumuscle1_zpst2qr4vlq.jpg

 photo motumuscle2_zps2vi6b0hg.jpg

 photo motumuscle3_zpsjebn6xup.jpg

 photo motumuscle4_zpsokiqe8t5.jpg

 photo motumuscle5_zpsi9qzmhxm.jpg

 photo motumuscle6_zpscdeqc8xy.jpg

 photo motumuscle7_zps0nrrpoaf.jpg

 photo motumuscle8_zpsfl9oqro4.jpg

 photo motumuscle9_zpssjqocyzc.jpg

 photo motumuscle10_zpsdtyk6naz.jpg

 photo motumuscle11_zpsoc4jbcsd.jpg

 photo motumuscle12_zpswqbw69lm.jpg