Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pre-Production Art:
Gwildor Case Study

Pictures of this amazing Gwildor case study were posted by Theresa Cardinali, who is listed in the film credits as being part of the crew. The maquette was produced to give a three-dimensional rendering of Gwildor's look before filming began. Theresa's explanation follows the pics...



1987 Masters of the Universe Costume design study for Character: Gwildor. I was literally asked to sculpt this figure over night by Gary Goddard, Director and my boss at at the time at Landmark Entertainment Group. Artwork designs were provided. I was especially intrigued by making all the accouterments Gwildor was wearing and holding. Joe De Reis, My art director at the time, completed the figure finishing in even less time then i had to sculpt. Joe are in the film credits and listed as Other Crew. The Maquette went missing after the film was finished but, I am sure it has a good home... -Theresa Cardinali

This is a truly amazing piece that shows the detail that went into every aspect of this film. I would love to know where this ended up!

To see more of Theresa's work, check out her Flickr account HERE.

... and a huge thanks to Tallstar for finding these pictures!

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